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Read below to see what my clients have to say about my services!

“I have been using Diana as my agent for the last 9 years. She has helped my wife and I buy and sell in 6 different transactions. The thing I value most is I can explain my situation and she understands what I am looking for. She understands what I mean when I say I am looking for a fixer with potential. There were several times I thought I had found it, but after hearing her evaluation of the property I decided not to buy. She had a transaction right in the palm of her hand and advised against it! What kind of agent does that? Unbelievable!  She was looking out for us!”                                                                         

-Eric & Laura

I have worked with Diana on two purchases and one sale over the past nine years and I have never met anyone so committed to their clients.  Diana is amazing at finding just the right property.  She listens to what you want and then finds it.  I've never worked with anyone quite like her.  
It should also be mentioned that Diana has the patience of Job.  During the heat of the market, we put in a number of offers on homes, only to be out bid.. She stuck with me through it all until she found the ONE.  
I love where I am now, but I am still working with Diana to find a business location.  Finding just the right place at the right price is what she does best.  I look forward to our journey together. 
-Carol H.

Diana Rugh, the Realtor who helped us buy our house is amazing.  She worked with us for a couple of years looking all over the county for a property we could afford that could also accommodate horses.  When we finally found the place we ended up buying, she was knowledgeable, connected, persistent, and creative.  We needed all of that to get the place.  It is a 1926 farm house on 5 acres in the middle of a strawberry field.  We didn't know if the house would qualify for a FHA loan, so she got an inspector she knew to look at it, off the record.  He said it had "good bones" and told us what we needed to do to bring it up to the standards.  She negotiated with the seller to let us make some foundation repairs which couldn't be part of the loan.  She hooked us up with her son-in-law who is a contractor and was willing to take the risk of making repairs as part of the escrow.  To make a long story short there were many more barriers along the way that we all worked out together with her help.  I would highly recommend her
-Barbara S.

My wife and I decided to move to Capitola from Los Gatos.  The original search in our target price range was disappointing as the available inventory was very unattractive.  We were able to raise our target price, but there was just no inventory in that range.  Diana knew of a property that had been off the market for about 6 months.  She contacted the agent who had been handling it and arranged two showings for us.  She suggested an offer below the previous asking price.  The offer was accepted and we love the house and location near the village.  As a bonus, the house has increased in value by over 50%!  Diana was extremely resourceful in finding this house.  And, by finding out information about the owners, she was able to suggest an offer price greatly in our favor.  As a bonus, Diana is a joy to work with.
-Jim C.

Unfortunately, I needed to sell my parent's house in the Opal Cliff neighborhood to finance their move into an assisted living home which is very expensive.  Diana made sure that everything was done properly.  Selling a house which is in a family trust can get pretty complicated. Then she spent many more hours working on bringing in prospective buyers.  We relied on her advice as to when and how to do things like advertise and show the house.  She took care of all of the details.  In the end she was able to get a bidding war going on the house and we sold it for many thousands of dollars more than our original asking price!  We really appreciated that she was so dedicated to our sale.  The next time I need a realtor, Diana will be my first choice.
-Mike B.

“Diana handled the sale of our home in a very professional and friendly manner. In every aspect of the sale, she was there to provide her expertise from the very moment of listing and her recommendations of presenting our home, to the final closure. Please consider this letter as a recommendation to any future clients “.